Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme

Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme

Hi, I’m Coach Tony Morgan.

This Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme is only for engineers who want to start their own business. This is a Mini Apprenticeship: How to take your business from Zero to £80K in 12 months.

Watch the video below with Gyulen Kerim, who started his own business investing in himself and the Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme, then took his business from Zero to £80K in 12 months.

If you’ve watched the video, I am sure you must be blown away by Gyulen Kerim’s success. 

Now for your future business to really take off and grow in like what you seen in this video, it’s essential you either possess or learn these seven traits of Gyulen Kerim. 

You need to have:

1   A voracious openness to learn.

2   The “Do Whatever it Takes” mindset.

3   A willingness to outwork others.

4   A willingness to show gratitude. 

5   The willingness to invest and go for it.

6   Delayed gratification. If you’re willing to delay the result you want right now, you can have a much bigger reward later on.

7   The ability to remember where you came from.  

The Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme Explained

The Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme consists of four main sections:

1  Reality Classroom Boiler Repair and Heating System Learning

One-to-One Coaching and Mentoring

3  Short term Employment with A+R for 4 Months

4  Starting Your Own Business  

1  Reality Classroom Boiler Repair and Heating System Learning

Over two to three weeks, you learn about the different types of gas and electric boilers, heating systems, controls and hot water cylinders you will come across in the marketplace.

The Theory Section includes:

  • People skills: How to serve your customer
  • Boiler Part Familiarisation: Detailed explanation of all major boiler parts and their operation 
  • Multimeter Functions: Description and explanation of multimeter usage and application 
  • Boiler Types: Detailed explanation of the different types of gas and electric boilers
  • Heating Types: Description and explanation of different types of heating systems, eg open vent, sealed systems, combi systems, thermal storage and much, much more.
  • Heating Controls: A detailed breakdown of the different types of heating controls, including their functionalities
  • Cylinder and Controls: Detailed explanation of, eg direct and indirect, vented and unvented cylinders. Also, the different types of controls associated with them

The Practical Section includes:

Gas Boilers – Sequence, Operation and Fault Finding with Boiler Parts Removal and Replacement for:

  • Baxi Duo-tec  
  • Vaillant eco TEC
  • Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior

Electric Boilers – Sequence, Operation and Fault Finding with Boiler Parts Removal and Replacement for:

  • Heatrae Sadia Electromax 
  • Heatrae Sadia C600 Flow boiler

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder – Sequence, Operation and Fault Finding with Boiler Parts Removal and Replacement for:

  • World Heat Super Flow indirect unvented hot water cylinder

2  One-to-One Coaching and Mentoring

Working one-to-one with Coach Tony Morgan for a week, out in the field.

  • Onsite boiler repair and parts replacement
  • Diagnostics
  • Tools and familiarisation
  • People Skills

3  Short Term Employment with A+R for 4 Months

  • Working on your own in Manchester, and
  • Working on the A+R Business Model in your local area. 

These alternate every two weeks. So, the first two weeks of the month you could be working in Manchester, and the next two weeks you’d be back in your own local area, implementing the A+R Business Model to build your future customer base.

This will start to generate your local customers, ready for when you launch your own business.

During your short term employment you will be paid £2,000 per month

You’ll be supported with both face-to-face and remote coaching from Coach Tony Morgan, plus access to the How-To Coaching Videos on Boiler Repairs.

4  Starting Your Own Business 

By the last month of your short term employment we will be preparing for your return to your local area to replicate the A+R Business Model. By then, you have already started to generate your customers in your local area. 

This business model will accelerate your business growth – what normally takes six years will now take you about two years.

We support you every step of the way when you’re setting up your new business, including helping you with Gas Safe Registration, marketing strategies, purchasing your new van, etc.

So your business will hit the ground running.

With the A+R Business Model you get:

  • A+R National Brand
  • A local engineer website
  • A local phone number
  • Call management
  • Customer management
  • Technical support
  • Back-office support
  • Help with Social Media Marketing
  • A business system
  • Multiple Income Streams  

Ongoing Support

Throughout your future business, you’ll have continuous support, updates and developments to ensure your business growth. 

Mindset Business Training

This additional training is the foundation of your way of thinking, helping you understand the big picture of business and relationships in the real world. It will help you grow your Personal Development, self-belief and confidence, drive and determination. And you’ll be learning together with like-minded people. 

It is all done online for only £5 a month, and you simply sign up at the Masterful Engineer Programme Website. Personal Development in an ongoing journey.

Your Investment Needed to Start your Mentorship Programme and Launch Your Business

Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme and Business Launch is £4464

Deposit for your new van, approx £3,000

Gas analyser and main tools, approx £1,000

Total aprox investment £8,464

Remember – as you’re going to be paid £8,000 for the four months Short Term Employment,  after tax and insurance, your final investment to launch your business will only be around £2,500. 

Your Next Step to Make This Happen

To start on the Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme, call our office on 0161 220 3712 and ask for me, Coach Tony Morgan. I’ll answer any questions and concerns you might have. 

After our phone conversation, we’ll have a face-to-face meeting to answer any questions and concerns you might have. If we’re both happy to proceed, you can book your place by paying the £500 non-refundable deposit at the meeting. The balance of £3964 is payable 7 days before you start the programme. 

After that, you will have to make plans for purchasing your new van before you start your Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme. We can help you with this. The A+R Business Model uses the Peugeot Partner van. For this you will need a deposit payment of approx £3,000.