Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme

Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme

Hi, I’m Coach Tony Morgan

This Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme is like a Mini Apprenticeship. It is designed to transform any new Gas Safe Engineer into an Masterful Engineer just like me.

It consists of three main sections:

    • The Mindset Business Training –  this gives you the Entrepreneurial way of thinking you need for success
    • Virtual Coaching Assistant (VCA)
    • Boiler Repair Training and Mini Apprenticeship

So, do you want to be truly successful and become a Masterful Engineer?  

If so, the first qualification to become truly successful and to get the highest level from this Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme is this: You must be teachable and coachable.

So the number one question you need to ask yourself is: Am I teachable?

And if you’re not teachable then you will disqualify yourself from this Mentorship Programme.

Because being teachable is the only way you’re going to learn this Mentorship Programme fast.

So, how teachable are you?

We all have a Teachable Index which has two variables.

The first is your willingness to learn.

On a scale of 1 to 10, what’s your willingness to learn?

And how much time and money are you willing to put in? Also, what are you willing to give up… ie, five months of your time to learn this Mentorship Programme?

Now, some trainees think they know it all after just three months, and they stop being teachable. And that means they stop learning. They become closed off.

The next variable is your willingness to accept change.

If you’re not happy with where you are right now, it’s because you have done things in a certain way.

And most importantly, you have thought in a certain way.  Now that means the way you think and feel about things will have to change.

So what’s your willingness to change?

If your willingness to learn is a 10 but you don’t want to change anything in your life, that means 10 X 0 = 0 . Basically you’re saying: “Yeah, I want to learn the technical stuff, but I don’t want to change anything!”

And again, this means you are disqualifying yourself from this Mentorship Programme.

The people who have high willingness to learn and high willingness to change will become Masterful Engineers and get the most success out of life.

If you like what you’ve seen and heard on my Youtube Channel then you’ll love the more advanced stuff in the next two sections of the Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme.

Now, you can start your journey in becoming a Masterful Engineer like me, by just investing a small amount – only £5.00 per month.

The Mindset Business Training is £5.00 per month

Mindset Business Training

This training is the foundation for your way of thinking, helping you understand the big picture of business and of relationships in the real world. It will help you grow in your Personal Development, self-belief and confidence, drive and determination. And you’ll be learning together with like-minded people.  It is all done online for only £5 a month, and you simply sign up at the Masterful Engineer Programme Website. Personal development in an ongoing journey.

The Boiler Repair Techinical Advise Section 

The Boiler Repair Techinical Advise Section is a series of high-level, advanced How-To videos. These videos have been created using my vast skills, knowledge and experience. 

They cover different boilers, and deal with real-life boiler repairs and situations. They include things that go wrong and show how I rectify them.

To sign up, simply click on Free Membership at the top of the page.  I will be continually updating the with new videos.

So you can try it out for a while and see what you think by only investing £5.00 per month. Then when you feel ready, you can take it to the next level.

If you have any questions about trying out this part of the Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme, just drop me an email or call our office.

Onsite Boiler Repair and Boiler Repair Reality Classroom Training

Onsite boiler repair training with Coach Tony Morgan.

  • Onsite boiler repair and parts replacement
  • Diagnostics
  • Tools and familiarisation
  • Multimeter, Electrical and Appliance Testing
  • Boiler and Heating Types; Heating Controls; Cylinders and Controls
  • Boiler Parts Familiarisation and Functionality
  • Gledhill Boilers and Hot Water Systems
  • People-skills training

The Boiler Repair Reality Classroom Training.

Your classroom consists of three courses focus on individual boilers:

  • Baxi Duo-tec Boiler Repair Solo Class
  • Worcester Greenstar I & SI Boiler Repair Solo Class
  • Vokera Linea Boiler Repair Solo Class

Each Boiler Repair Solo Class is a full day focusing on one make and model, and covers the following:

  • Boiler Part Familiarisation
  • Boiler Part Functionality and Operation
  • Boiler Part Replacement Sequence
  • Boiler Part Removal and Refitting
  • Diagnosing Common Boiler Faults

Your four-month paid Mini-Apprenticeship – You’ll be paid £2,000 a month as an employee of the company, working in Manchester for a period of four months. You’ll work on your own, using your own vehicle, carrying out boiler servicing and repairs on boilers. The Company will pay for the fuel you use during your Mini-Apprenticeship.

And you’ll be supported throughout by phone coaching and brief meetings. 


The upfront cost of your Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme is a £500 deposit.

Then, once you start your Mini-Apprenticeship, we deduct £700 each month from your wages to cover the rest of your training costs. So the total you pay over your Mini-Apprenticeship is £3,300.

Before you start your Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme you will have to make plans for purchasing your new van. We can help you with this. The A+R Business Model uses the Peugeot Partner van. For this you will need a deposit payment of approx £2,500 before you start your start  Onsite Boiler Repair Training.

Starting Your Own Business

By the last month of your Mini-Apprenticeship we will be preparing for your return to your local area to replicate the A+R Business Model. This business model will accelerate your business growth – what normally takes six years will now take you about two years.

We support you every step of the way when you’re setting up your new business, including helping you with Gas Safe Registration, marketing strategies, purchasing your new van, etc.

So your business will hit the ground running.

With The Ultimate Business Model you get:

  • A+R National Brand
  • A local engineer website
  • A local phone number
  • Call management
  • Customer management
  • Technical support
  • Back-office support
  • Help with Social Media Marketing
  • A mobile app
  • A business system
  • Multiple Income Streams  


Throughout your future business, Mentoring doesn’t stop. It is a continuous communication pathway between you and your Coach.

Your Next Step to Make This Happen

To start on the Mentorship Programme, call our office on 0161 220 3712 to speak to me, Coach Tony Morgan. After our phone conversation, we’ll have a face-to-face meeting to answer any questions and concerns you might have. If we’re both happy to proceed, you can book your place by paying the £500 non-refundable deposit at the meeting