Boiler Repair Technical Advice

Boiler Repair Technical Advice

  • Are you tired of waiting in long queues for boiler manufacturers to answer the phone?
  • Are you sick to death when boiler manufacturers are closed after 5.00pm and there is no one to help you?
  • Have you had this – It’s Friday and the boiler manufacturers closed early and there’s no help until next Monday?
  • Have you ever searched on Google for help but found none?
  • Have you experienced some boiler manufacturers charging premium call charges?
  • Have you ever phoned other Gas Safe Engineers, and they’ve either not answered the phone or they’re too busy to help?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the above, our Boiler Repair Technical Advice is your solution.

Boiler Repair Technical Advice consists of a library of our high quality, detailed instructional Online Training Videos. These videos are exclusive to members only. They are not shared on Youtube and are not open to the public.

They are only accessed through this website and are free to all members.

Boiler Repair Technical Advice shows you, step-by-step, how to carry out diagnostics and boiler repairs – including replacing parts – for a wide range of makes and models. These videos are filmed on customers’ premises, and – most importantly – we also show you how to deal with situations when things go wrong.

If you’re a newly qualified Engineer, this will help your learning and give you added confidence.

And remember, if you’re a highly skilled and experienced Engineer, you’ll still gain from the Boiler Repair Technical Advice, because – as I can tell you – it’s easy to forget information you’ve learnt, especially if you’re not using it all the time. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion! To keep you updated with new information, we are continually adding new videos. Underneath each video you’ll find a section for your feedback and comments, which we welcome.

Boiler Repair Technical Advice is open to all Engineers, whether you’re newly qualified, an experienced, employed Engineer or running your own business.

To become a member and access Boiler Repair Technical Advice for free, simply CLICK HERE