The focus of coaching is usually on both task and performance. The role of your Coach is to monitor you carrying out the task, to observe what you do, and then give you detailed feedback on your performance.

Coaching happens in two stages:

1 Detailed Coaching Period – One month working with the Coach every day. When necessary, your Coach will demonstrate specific techniques needed to carry out the task effectively.

2 Remote Coaching Period – Four months working on your own as an employee, supported by phone coaching, brief meetings and videos from the Virtual Coaching Assistant (VCA).

Whether face-to-face or remotely, Your Coach will set or suggest goals for you; measuring performance periodically as you develop new boiler-repair and people skills. This is done in a good working relationship between you, the learner, and your Coach.


The focus is to transfer knowledge and information through instruction and explanation. And the goal for the learner is to successfully complete the task in hand using logical thinking.

Your Coach uses listening and questioning to build your awareness and self-confidence.