Gas Portfolio Programme

Why you must choose A+R Boilers to do your Gas Safety Portfolio-Building.

The Ultimate Gas Portfolio-Building Programme

This is a structured professional programme like no other. You get hands-on experience out in the field with Coach Tony Morgan and his team.

With A+R, we teach you the proper way, so you’ll leave with the right knowledge and confidence to take into your ACS exams and pass them.

How to avoid rouge Training Providers and Engineers

If you don’t want your future success to be messed about with, or to be taken for a ride by rogue Training Providers or Engineers, then you need to do your research properly.

Once you have done your research properly by searching across the World Wide Web, as well as this website, you will come across our YouTube Channel where you will join thousands of subscribers who have also researched A+R.

Guarantee Your Future

Like numerous trainees before you, you will come to this conclusion: you will find there is no one out there that teaches like Coach Tony Morgan.

Basically, A+R is the only way to guarantee what matters to you! Your hard earned cash is being invested in the right company, to train you in the right way. Simple!

We are the only Gas Portfolio trainer that gives you free access to numerous How-To technical videos that are exclusive to engineers.

Making the Right Decision

If that means travelling to Manchester, this is not a problem. We’re only one hour from Birmingham; only two hours from London; three hours from Teesside; and only four hours from Scotland.

Trainee engineers from all these areas have made the trip and invested their future in the right company. So you can do the same.

Gas Safety Portfolio-Building

With our Portfolio-Building Development Programme you have three options:

  • Option 1: 20 Repair and Service jobs, which are normally done within two weeks
  • Option 2: Boiler Installations, which are normally done within six weeks
  • Option 3: Repair and Service jobs plus three Boiler Installations

As a Bonus, you also get:

Boiler Repair Development

  • You get an insight into gas and electric boiler repairs and common faults.
  • We show you the differences between inlet and outlet working pressure and burner pressure on gas valves.
  • We show you the differences between standard efficiency and high efficiency boilers and give you a better understanding of how they work.

Consider this…

Every candidate who has completed our Portfolio-Building Development programme said we did exactly what we promised and more. See our videos below.

Our Portfolio-Building Programme fees

  • Repair and Service jobs: £1062
  • Boiler Installations: £450
  • Repair and Service jobs, plus three Boiler Installations: £1512

Note: You will need a camera for your photographic evidence.

To book your Portfolio-Building Development, complete the online booking form and pay an £80.00 non-refundable deposit through our secure online payment gateway.

You then pay the balance on the day your Portfolio-Building Development starts.

Please watch the series of videos below of other people who have completed our Portfolio-Building Development. And we’ll see you on the next Programme.

Dave Lopez

Nadeem Javid

Dave Moorcroft

Steve Davis

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