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Announcing A Major Breakthrough in Online and Classroom Boiler Repair Training

Subject to popular demand, we’re offering Online Training, Hands-on Classroom Training and Franchise opportunities.

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Lots of engineers join Facebook and WhatsApp groups. These groups have their place, of course, sharing isolated problems and challenges. However, they’re not enough, because they don’t give you the correct learning platform to grow your career from.

Don’t Make a Move Until You’ve Read These Facts

Some engineers go on boiler manufacturers’ training courses. But this isn’t where you’re going to learn about boiler repairs effectively. Most manufacturers want to push you towards installing boilers, not repairing them. That’s because most manufacturers are giving 10-year plus warranties on their boilers. So you wouldn’t be repairing them, anyway, unless you work for the manufacturers.

To be honest, that’s what the corporates want – the Independants out of business. And you working for them instead.

At Last! There is an Alternative

And it is – our Mastering the Basics course.

All mastery of anything starts with Mastering the Basics. If you want to be an MMA fighter, a salsa dancer, or learn a new language – to be a Master of any of these, you must Master the Basics. And the same goes in our Boiler Industry.

Which is why we’re offering you this Online Mastering the Basics Course that covers the foundational basics of Boiler Repair, Heating Systems and Controls.

I designed this course, which is based on my 25 years of knowledge and experience, because I realised how much basic information I had forgotten, and also realised there was no instant access to such information out there.

That is why this course has been painstakingly put together for both new and experienced engineers. Everything you need in one place.


The Secret of Mastery is repetition – it’s the Mother of all skills.

By repeating this course at least 10 times, it will be automatically downloaded into your brain.

Once you complete the Online Mastering the Basics Course, you can if you wish  subscribe to our Classroom Training.

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Take a Look at Our Mastering the Basics Demo Video

In this video I take you through the course and show you what’s involved. If you like what you see, you can try it, totally free for 7 days with no risk.

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Hope to see you on the course!